Crafting Connection through Clay

Deepwoods Pottery is a fusion of craftsmanship and love, shaped by decade-long partners Cal Spinelli and Kyle Schlosser. After graduating from the University of Vermont together in 2015, we took our first pottery class and have embraced a shared passion ever since. Now residing on Kyle's family farm in the hills of Northern Vermont, our journey merges art, agriculture, food, and community. We believe that true craftsmanship lies in quality, durability, and the genuine touch of a human hand. You won't find us over embellishing or decorating our pots in a way that scream for attention. Our work is intended to be proudly displayed and fit effortlessly into your home.

Inspired by the rugged lifestyle and landscapes of the north country, our various clays and glazes are carefully chosen to reflect the changing seasons and natural colors around us. Our work is durably made to withstand everyday use and designed with culinary creations in mind to elevate the presentation of any recipe.

Each and every piece begins with raw clay, which is wedged, weighed, and carefully prepared before being formed by hand or thrown on the wheel. Once it has dried to a firmer and more workable state, the piece is placed back on the wheel to trim away any excess clay and refine the base. This is also the stage in which handles are attached, or clay is carved away to create surface textures.

Once the pots have completely dried out, they are loaded into the kiln for an initial bisque firing. A wax resist solution is then painted onto the bottoms before getting coated in a specially formulated glaze. They are then loaded back into the kiln for a final firing, and sanded down before meeting your table. The process is a true labor of love, involving a lot of fussing and fine tuning along the way.