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Give it a Whirl!

Learn how to use the pottery wheel

Always wanted to learn the magic of throwing on the wheel? Learn the basics of throwing, trimming, glazing, hand building, and more. Reserve your private lesson below and let's achieve your specific pottery goals together. If you're interested in a package of multiple lessons, quantity rates are also available! At this time, we are only able to accommodate one student at a time on the wheel.

Pricing includes cost of materials: clay, glazes, and firing

  • Throwing

    Get a feel for the wheel and learn the basics behind centering clay, opening up your pot to the desired shape, and pulling even walls. This is intended to be a supervised introduction, and does not include open studio visits to Deepwoods Pottery.

  • Trimming

    An often overlooked step to making pots on the wheel, this may actually be the most important (and satisfying). Once pots dry up to a leather hard consistency, the bottom shape is refined and a foot ring can be trimmed.

  • Glazing

    Perhaps one of the most difficult stages to master! Choose from a variety of 8-10 glazes, and endless combinations in between. Underglazes and clear glaze is also available for artists who want to hand paint designs on their wares.